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GRN has the following materials in many languages and dialects. They can be ordered from Grabaciones Buenas Nuevas, or downloaded from the international website Global Recordings Network. For a short explanation of each one, please see below.

We can offer:
- Scripts
- Audio-messages in cassette, CD or mp3
- Sets of images
- Videos
- Hand-cranked cassette and mp3-players

Many of the GRN recordings have been made from scripts that you can see in globalrecordings.net/scripts. At the moment there are available scripts with a great variety of messages in:
- English
- Spanish
- French
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Indonesian
- 10 more languages

There are audio-materials available in more than 5700 languages and dialects, including: 

Find also the following languages with their dialects, spoken for the major immigrant peoples present in Spain, in: http://globalrecordings.net/languages:
  •  West-European languages: English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, etc. 
  •  East-European languages: Croatian, Albanian, Belarusan, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, etc. 
  • African languages and dialects: Arab, Bereber, English-Africa, French-Africa,  Swahili, Wolof and more.
  • Asian languages: Armenian, Bengali, Urdu, Georgian, Tamil, Indonesian, Chinese, Tagalog, Farsi, Hebrew, etc. 
  • American Indigenous languages: Quechua, Aymará, Guaraní, etc.
The image sets are part of Audio visual programs of Bible teaching to help new Christians grow and become more established. The programs are available in more than 1200 languages.
There are three sets of images, all of them in correspondence with recordings:
  1. 'Good News' presents an overview of the Bible from Creation to Christ. It covers the salvation message and basic teaching on the Christian life. Flipcharts, booklets and pocket booklets contain 40 pictures to accompany the 'Good News' recordings. It is possible to get this program as a film from www.worldlanguagemovies.com/#tr.
  2. 'Look, Listen and Live' is excellent for systematic evangelism and Christian teaching. The series gives studies of Old Testament characters, the life of Jesus, and the young church. The cassettes accompanied by flipcharts or booklets of pictures. Audio commentaries are available in hundreds of languages. There are scripts in several languages also.
  3. 'The Living Christ' series of Bible pictures illustrates the Life of Christ, from Creation to His   second coming. It is particularly suited to bring the Gospel message and basic Christian teaching to non-literate people. The pictures are clear and brightly coloured to attract those who may not be used to visual teaching presentations.
The 'Good News' audiovisual (recordings plus images) may be downloaded as a video in 158 different languages, included Spanish, Catalan, French, English, Portuguese, and Arab (several dialects). You can view and download all the  languages available in www.worldlanguagemovies.com/#tr. You can also watch some parts of the films on www.youtube.com/user/worldlanguagemovies.
GRN has developed the new "Saber" solid-state digital player with hand-crank power. The Saber gives greater reliability and better sound reproduction than cassette players like the Tape Talk. It can also be connected to a computer and download messages and songs in a standard MP3 format.
Saber Tape Talk