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Gospel Recordings was founded in 1939 by young missionary Joy Ridderhof. When Joy was unable to return to the field because of serious health problems, God led her to put Christian teachings on phonograph records to send to “her” tribe in Honduras. Her first recording was in Spanish. Although Joy couldn’t return to her people, her voice could.
This compassion for the illiterate led her to discover that thousands of tribes and villages could not to know the Lord because of the many language barriers that exist.
Since then, many others have join to the vision to take the Word of God to the ethnic groups of the world who cannot hear any other way the Good News of Jesus Christ, in a clear and culturally accepted way: "To each one in his own tongue".
In Spain  the recording and distribution work starts some twelve years ago. Missionary Ed Young, with the help of Jacinto Lumbiarres and others, begon to register and distribute recordings from Binéfar (Huesca) to all around Spain. After Edward left for the United States , the distribution work was moved to Almería, where Yusef and his wife do that work. The number of  orders decrease a lot in the last years. In the next future, we will seek to promote more widely this ministry, and we are including new materials and projects.
1939: The very first recording, made by Joy Ridderof. That was in Spanish.
1997: Start of GRN Spain.
2002: GRN office moved to Almería. The number of orders decrease a lot.

2009: Starting of the office in Piera ( Barcelona ).